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Nourish Neighborhoods

Offsite Family Food Distribution Program

See our current distribution schedule to Receive Food Assistance from Nourish Now.

Through the Nourish Neighborhoods program, we deliver food in 5 – 10 neighborhoods in Montgomery County, MD every month. People in each neighborhood are invited to pick up a 5-day supply of food from our distribution sites on a first-come, first-served basis. Everyone receives a Family Relief Box containing non-perishables, as well as a nutritious selection of fresh produce, dairy, prepared meals from our Food Donors, and other items.

The goal of this program is to serve the highest possible number of households in areas that are most in need of food assistance. Our hope is to bring loved ones together over a nourishing meal, and to save them time and money by helping with groceries. We team up with Non-profit Organizations in each neighborhood to help identify individuals and families in need, coordinate logistics, and distribute more food donations for more folks.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nourish Now adjusted this program to provide food for more than 10,000 people (2,600 families in need) each week. We are so grateful for all the many partners that make this work possible.

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S.N.A.C.K. for MCPS

Student Nutrition Access for Classes K-12

S.N.A.C.K. serves to eliminate student hunger as a barrier to education during the school day. Hunger can be a constant distraction for students, affecting their focus and ability to think in class. Growing brains need adequate nutrition to function properly today and everyday for healthy, long term development.

Nourish Now supplies healthy snacks for 2,000 at-risk students each week during first period and after school programming. Thanks to coordination from MCPS Staff, all students in a classroom receive snacks to avoid singling anyone out and revealing their needs. By giving food to kids in the beginning and end of the school day, we aim to increase opportunities for academic success. Parents have shared that their children’s grades have improved significantly with the help of this program. See which schools are S.N.A.C.K. Program recipients here.

33% of Montgomery County Public School students are enrolled in the Free And Reduced Price School Meals program, while only 47% of students enrolled in the Free Breakfast Program at their schools attend. This means that upon arriving at school, many underserved students wait up to 3 hours before eating at lunchtime when the school provides food.

You can support this program by Hosting a Snack Drive, Donating Gift Cards, or Making Monetary Donations.

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Food Recovered and Donated Since 2011.


Nourish Now’s cornerstone program specializes in recovering food of all types throughout Maryland and the DC metro region. While averaging 7-10 scheduled food recoveries each business day, Nourish Now is on-call for anytime, spur-of-the-moment food recovery opportunities, including nights and weekends. Just give us a call if you have food to donate!

Food Donor Partners contribute according to their own unique schedules. While some donations are scheduled daily, weekly or bi-weekly, other partners donate monthly, or notify us when food is available to donate. We also collect nonperishable items through volunteer food drives with local businesses, civic groups, schools, and religious institutions to supplement our perishable food donations, providing our clients with greater flexibility to budget and plan their meals ahead of time.

Learn more about how to Give Food Donations.