Food Recovered and Donated Since 2011.


Nourish Now’s cornerstone program specializes in recovering food of all types throughout Maryland and the DC metro region. While averaging 7-10 scheduled food recoveries each business day, Nourish Now is on-call for anytime, spur-of-the-moment food recovery opportunities, including nights and weekends at 240.750.0747.


Food Donor Partners contribute according to their own unique schedules. While some donations are scheduled daily, weekly or bi-weekly, other partners donate monthly, or notify us when food is available. Nonperishable items are collected through volunteer food drives with local businesses, schools, and religious institutions to supplement our perishable food donations, providing our clients with greater flexibility to budget and plan their meals ahead of time.


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700 families receive donations from our food bank in Rockville, MD each month through our Family Distribution Program. Each five-day supply of food is tailored based on the dietary restrictions and food allergies of each client’s household. Through additional satellite distributions, we donate prepared meals, loaves of bread and fresh produce for public housing projects, elder care, social service agencies, recreation centers and Montgomery County Public Schools. Under a philosophy we call Food With Dignity, families are matched with other forms of assistance and resources to help them alleviate different symptoms of poverty.


To Get Food assistance, please call 301.330.0222 to schedule your appointment at least 3 days in advance.


90 nonprofit organizations receive an array of recovered food, including prepared meals, fresh produce, breads and frozen goods through our Organization Distribution Program. In receiving these donations, organizations have the opportunity to distribute a wider variety of nutritious foods and a more balanced diet to a greater number of those in need, while reserving funding that would otherwise be spent on food purchases. The resulting network provides assistance for diverse populations throughout the region and includes shelters, transitional and affordable housing facilities, religious institutions, family support agencies and other nonprofit organizations serving our communities.


Through this program, partner organizations saved over $250,000 in 2017.


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