Nourish Now forges and maintains strong relationships with Food Donors through our Food Recovery program. We partner with caterers, grocers, restaurants, farms/markets, manufacturers, distributors and big box stores in Montgomery County, Maryland and the DC metro region. Thanks to these and other Food Donor Partners, we are able to provide a rare and high-quality form of assistance for those in need.
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From chef-quality appetizers, to gourmet meals and desserts, we are able to provide our clients some of the best food our area has to offer. Please call Nourish Now before, during, or after your next catered event to help end hunger through food recovery in our communities.



Whether from the hot bar, the produce section or the freezer aisle, Nourish Now is equipped to recover all types of food donations from local grocery stores. We are just one phone call away every day.



On a customized schedule that works for them, our dedicated restaurant partners donate delicious, restaurant-quality foods for our client families.



Nourish Now receives local produce year-round through regularly scheduled and on-call donations. End-of-harvest donations allow for fun and educational service opportunities and family volunteer projects during our Holiday Giving season.



Manufactures play a critical role in our food recovery efforts. These donations frequently exceed 1,000 pounds of food or beverages. Nourish Now has received pallets of water, juices, granola bars, and many types of produce from freight and shipping companies, producers and manufacturers, and big box stores.