Nourish Now brings food security to families, children, and seniors in need in Montgomery County, Maryland. Through food recovery, we work to solve two major social issues: hunger and food waste.

Nourish Now strives to meet this goal by collecting donations of surplus fresh food from our dedicated Food Donor Partners throughout the Washington D.C. Metro region. Food is then redistributed directly to over 600 families in need each month and to over 90 local nonprofit organizations that offer food assistance. By providing donations to other charities, our reach and impact expands as Montgomery County’s food assistance sector is strengthened. These organizations can then repurpose funding that would otherwise be used to purchase food for their clients. Nourish Now’s programs are designed to alleviate food insecurity, and ultimately, the additional symptoms of poverty.

Nourish Now is a 501(c)3 non-profit based in Rockville, Maryland that collects food donations from restaurants, caterers, bakeries, grocery stores and other providers. Food donations are distributed directly to those in need, housing and social service agencies, religious institutions and other organizations that assist in feeding the hungry.


Brett Meyers, Founder and Executive Director, studied food safety, nutrition and culinary techniques at L’Academie de Cuisine prior to launching Nourish Now. Conflicted by the volume of discarded food he witnessed during his career in the food industry, Meyers envisioned a system that would curb food waste and redirect meals to those affected by hunger. In 2011, he founded Nourish Now through a grassroots effort, and since then the organization’s capacity and reach has seen remarkable growth.

Nourish Now’s mission is to bring widespread food security to those in need in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area by collecting and redistributing surplus meals from licensed food service partners; including restaurants, caterers, grocers. This mission is now shared with a reputable Board of Directors, over 180 food donors, hundreds of dedicated volunteers, and a broad community of supporters. As of January 2016, Nourish Now also achieved the goal of expanding its facility to include the neighboring unit, effectively doubling the size of operational space to 2,500 square feet.

Over 40,000 pounds of food is recovered and donated to more than six hundred families and ninety Partner Organizations monthly. We have decreased our net cost to recover and redistribute one pound of food, from $1.04 in 2014 to $0.44 per pound in 2016, without compromising the quality, variety, and nutritional value of our donations. Last year Nourish Now collected and distributed more than 400,000 pounds of food — a 65% increase over the previous year.

During its six years of operation, Nourish Now has donated over 1,000,000 pounds of food to low-to-moderate income level families, and has been working to change the landscape and stigma of poverty in our region.

Nourish Now continues to grow everyday by expanding our 3 core programs: Food Rescue, Family Distribution, and Organization Distribution. Please contact us anytime to learn more about our programs and to see how you can get involved to join us in the fight to end hunger NOW!

County Executive of Montgomery County, MD, Isiah Leggett, visiting our team at Nourish Now Headquarters.

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