Nourish Now strives to serve diverse populations through our Food For Families and Nonprofit Network programs. We collaborate with local nonprofits, government agencies, food businesses, civic organizations, and corporations in Montgomery County, Maryland to provide food assistance for people of all ages and living situations. Our services are available to youth, older adults, families, shelters, social services, and any organizations that offer food assistance to the community.


We partner with local schools to provide food before, during and after class. In addition we partner with community centers, extracurricular programs, and youth organizations such as So What Else Helps to provide food for after school activities, spring break & summer camps and special events. Children and students receive a variety of donations including water, juice, and healthy snacks during classes, hot meals served after school for students and their families, and fresh produce for the weekend.


Senior care facilities receive regular donations of prepared meals, fresh produce, and other groceries for their residents. Case workers from these organizations refer clients by booking monthly appointments, frequently picking up food donations from our location on their behalf. Nourish Now works to accommodate dietary restrictions, including allergies, religious observances, and those imposed by health issues.

White Oak Community Center

Families receive a 5-day supply of food from our food bank in Rockville. Each family donation includes perishable and non-perishable food items, following each household’s specific dietary guidelines and any specially requested items. Referrals from social service agencies are preferred, but not required. All appointments must be scheduled at least 3 days in advance.

Community Ministries of Rockville

Nourish Now primarily donates prepared meals to shelters for homeless families and individuals, including transitional housing organizations throughout Montgomery County, MD. Our donation of meals helps each shelter to fill the gaps between their budgeted food spending and meals donated by the community.


Agencies that connect families and individuals to safety net resources, like food assistance, are welcome to refer their clients to Nourish Now. In the same spirit, we work closely to match our clients with additional forms of aid, including medical, legal, and mental health counseling, as well as transportation, education, clothing, furniture, financial aid and other sources for food donations.


Since our founding in 2011, the core of our programming has been aimed at eliminating hunger through food recovery. Early on we realized the benefits of widespread collaboration and the ability to multiply our impact. A majority of food assistance organizations in Montgomery County, MD currently receive Nourish Now’s recovered food donations. By working together, we are able to serve more people in need in our communities a higher quality of food, while reserving thousands of dollars in food spending for our partners and their clients.

St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church