Nourish Now runs three major programs:

  • Nourish Now Rescues
    (Food Rescue Program)

  • Family Distribution
    (Direct to Family Program)

  • Organization Distribution
    (Collaboration Initiative)

Nourish Now’s main strategy is to collaborate with as many licensed food providers as possible in an effort to end food waste and hunger. By donating food to both organizations and directly to families, we work alongside those in need to create food security while strengthening those sectors that alleviate additional symptoms of poverty.


Nourish Now Rescues (Food Recovery Program)

Food Rescue is Nourish Now’s cornerstone program, developed to recover all types of food throughout the Washington DC Metropolitan Area. While averaging 7-10 prepared food donations each week day, Nourish Now is on-call for night and weekend food recovery opportunities.

Food Donors: Please call 301-330-0222 to coordinate a food donation Monday through Friday 9am – 5pm.
For night and weekend donations, please call 240-750-0747.

If you would like to volunteer to pickup food or donate food through this program, please call 301-330-0222 or email to coordinate the details.

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Each partner donates food according to their own unique scheduling needs and the types of food they donate. Bakeries, grocery stores, cafeterias and certain restaurants choose to donate on regular weekly schedules. Other partners donate monthly, or notify us of available food.

For example, our catering partners donate several times each month from events ranging from tens to thousands of guests. Nourish Now either rescues food items immediately after each event, or recovers food from the provider’s facility at an arranged time.

Learn more about Food Rescue and our Food Safety Guidelines.

Family Distribution (Direct to Family Program)

The Family Distribution Program provides approximately 550 families a five day supply of food each month. A majority of the families we serve pick up food donations directly from our facility in Rockville. We work with 26 social service agencies who refer families for food assistance. Nourish Now has also set up satellite distributions with the Housing Opportunities Commission (HOC) to donate prepared meals, loaves of bread and produce to families and the elderly in lower income apartment complexes. Nourish Now also collaborates with three Montgomery County Public Schools weekly to provide prepared meals during the week for the families of 80 students, as well as healthy weekend snacks for 54 students.

Nourish Now coordinates canned food drives with businesses throughout the community and local grocery stores to be able to provide our clients with nonperishable food to supplement our perishable food items. These nonperishable items provide our clients with greater flexibility to budget and plan their meals ahead of time.

Canned food drives, as well as volunteer cooking projects, provide excellent volunteer opportunities for businesses, organizations, seniors, and students earning SSL hours. These are great opportunities for the community to engage by showing their support and donating their time and resources to Nourish Now’s mission.

If you are in need of emergency food assistance, please call 301.330.0222 to schedule a donation pick-up. Clients may only receive food from Nourish Now once a month. Please schedule all pickups 2-3 days in advance.

Organization Distribution (Collaboration Initiative)

The Organization Distribution Program provides an array of recovered food items to 60 organizations who provide food assistance to those in need. By receiving donations of perishable food, organizations have the opportunity to distribute a wider variety of food types while reserving funding that would otherwise be spent on food purchases. Nourish Now supports each organization by optimizing a plan to donate the food items they need most. This program saved partner organizations over $100,000 in 2014.

For example, Nourish Now has found several bakeries looking to donate excess bread at the end of each night. In 2013, Nourish Now actively surveyed organizations throughout Montgomery County for their bread purchasing budgets and their need for bread. 26 organizations were identified that previously purchased bread on a weekly basis. By partnering with Nourish Now, these organizations save funding which can then be reallocated for other operational or capital expenses.

Nourish Now provides a combination of healthy snacks and prepared meals to approximately 110 students at five Montgomery County Public Schools and 80 students at four at-risk youth organizations.

In a collaboration called “Feed The Mind,” Nourish Now works regularly with So What Else Helps, a Rockville based charity providing an array of classes, camps, and service projects for at-risk youth in Maryland and DC. Together we bring healthy food to the well-rounded education, philanthropy and fun entertainment of So What Else Helps’ camps and classes. Through this collaboration, Nourish Now has also provided lunch for 300 at-risk youth and their families for the past two years on White Oak Day.

Through our On The House Program, Nourish Now creates special partnerships with local restaurants, such as Branded ’72Cava Mezze, and Glory Days Grill, through which these business commit to serving a meal for one family every week or every month. Numerous agencies’ and organizations’ clients are offered the opportunity to have a dine-in meal at one of our partner restaurants. Reservations are made by Nourish Now on behalf of the client. Restaurants that cannot commit to providing regular meals “On The House” are encouraged to donate gift cards that can be distributed to families who may not otherwise get to share such great dining experiences.

If you would like to help with any of our programs, please GET INVOLVED!

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