Nourish Now was founded on the strategy of our cornerstone program, Nourish Now Rescues, a food recovery initiative that aims to alleviate food insecurity and food waste, two social issues which we see as each other’s solutions.

What is Food Rescue?

“Food rescue,
also called food recovery,
is the practice of safely retrieving edible food
that would otherwise go to waste,
and distributing it to those in need.

The recovered food is edible, but often not saleable. Products that are at or past their “sell by” dates or are imperfect in any way – a bruised apple or day-old bread – are donated by grocery stores, food vendors, restaurants, and farmers markets. Other times, the food is unblemished, but restaurants may have made or ordered too much, or may have edible pieces of food (such as scraps of fish or meat) that are byproducts of process of preparing foods to cook and serve…

Americans waste more than 40% of the food produced for consumption, which comes at an annual cost of at least $100 billion. Meanwhile, more than one-tenth of Americans do not have enough to eat. Similar figures on wastage, shortage (and obesity) are found throughout the Western world.

Organisations that encourage food recovery, food rescue, sharing, gleaning and similar waste-avoidance schemes come under the umbrella of food banks, food pantries or soup kitchens.” – Wikipedia “Food Rescue”

Nourish Now Food Safety Guidelines
Nourish Now Safe Food Rescue Guidelines

Safe Food Rescue Guidelines courtesy of Saval Foods.


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