Nourish Now proudly partners with
So What Else Can We Do To Help

a grassroots service organization
focusing on the empowerment
and development of youth,
through out-of-school time enrichment
and community service.


Feed the Mind is a collaboration between So What Else and Nourish Now (501©3 organizations) focused on teaching under-served youth a range of healthy practices. We are committed to providing adolescents in our community an integrated set of services to address their diverse needs for developing into a physically and socially healthy adult.

Because the teenage years are critical to brain growth and development, Feed the Mind prioritizes these two essential practices: healthy living habits and a balanced diet. Through this collaboration, each organization’s strengths are leveraged: Nourish Now provides fresh, healthy food, while So What Else provides a broad range of activity programs and volunteer opportunities.

  • Nutrition – healthy food, cooking classes

  • Education – environmental stewardship, service learning, homework help

  • Fitness – classes from yoga to competitive sports

  • Healthy Living – self-management, respect of self and others

  • Arts – theater, music, literature, painting

For more information about So What Else and to volunteer with Feed The Mind, please visit their web site at www.sowhatelse.org.



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